Total institutions -such as rehabilitation clinics, mental institutions, or in the case of the movie Brothers (2009), being a Prisoner of war- have lasting effects on the people who leave them.

After a person leaves a total institution, it is very common for the person to come out with a fundamentally different personality, even causing family members to feel that they do not know the person anymore.  Since the very nature of total institutions is to break down a person’s previous socialization and rebuild them to fit the needs of the institution, this is not a surprising result.

The movie Brothers, explores this sensitive subject by looking at a released war prisoner’s experience coming home to his family.  The heartbreaking story shows how, because he was so irrevocably altered by the horrific deeds he was forced to do as a prisoner his family does not understand him.  Even his daughter begins to fear her father’s erratic behavior.

See the movie for yourself to explore the deep effects total institution experiences can have on families and society.

Also for a more detailed plot summary got to

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