Gattica (1997) is movie that takes place in a future where a corporation analyzes a person’s DNA to determine where a person belongs in society.  To assure children have the best chances in life, parents genetically enhance their children.

The protagonist in the film, Vincent, is one of the last “natural” babies in society.  Due to the genetic discrimination in his society, Vincent goes to the black market to acquire a fake genetic identity, which he maintains through extreme measures in the hopes of becoming an astronaut.  See this link for a detailed summary

This film brings up many questions about the potential threats of genetic enhancements.  These questions are important in society today due to the current advancements in genetic technology.  For example, today being able to choose the sex of one’s baby is a hotly debated topic, because even though it is genetically possible it is still a legally gray area.  Check out this article on the topic

As our society advances, genetic enhancements are a likely topic of debate.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

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